Course curriculum

    1. Introduction To Food Storage

    2. A Special Thank You

    1. Understanding Food Storage

    2. How To Assess Your Needs

    3. Short-Term Food Storage

    4. Mid-Term Food Storage

    5. Long-Term Food Storage

    1. Stocking Your Pantry

    2. Building A Food Storage Plan Before Buying Food

    3. Foods You Can Stock Up On Today

    4. How To Choose Right Containers For Food

    5. Storing Food Storage In Any Space

    1. Planning and Budgeting

    2. How To Build A Food Storage For .50-$1 A Week

    3. Tips For Buying Food Storage On a Budget

    4. Tips For Saving Money While Stocking Up

    1. Food Preservation Techniques

    2. Canning & Pickling

    3. Egg Long Term Storage

    4. Freeze Drying

    5. Mylar Bags

    6. Freezing & Vacuum Sealing

    7. Water Storage

    1. Organizing and Rotating Your Stock

    2. Making Meals From Food Storage

    3. Food Storage Recipe Examples

    4. How To Rotate Your Pantry

    5. Extra Tips - First In, First Out

    6. How To Deal With Expiration Dates

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In these trying times... Let me show you how to prepare!